24 x 7 Heat and Power

How much energy does the BioMax® system produce?

The BioMax® systems are real workhorses. For example, the BioMax®100 produces enough electricity to power a business enterprise, school, or community with an equal amount of heat being available for thermal and cooling applications.

The specifications for the BioMax®100 Gen2 include:

  • 145 kWe (net) Modular Systems
  • Electricity: 3,480 kWh per 24 hours
  • Heat: ~400,000 Btu/hour (CHP)
  • Cooling: Up to 20 ton
  • Converts 2 lbs. feedstock/kWh (~3.5 dry tons/day)
  • Syngas: ~ H2-17%, CO-20%, CH4-2%, CO2-8%, N2
  • Foot Print: 30 ft. x 30 ft.
  • Complies with Utility Interconnection Requirements
  • 30 days between scheduled maintenance
  • Modules: (not all modules are required for all applications)
    • Gas Production & Cooling
    • Gas Filtering
    • Controls
    • Power Generation & CHP
    • Feedstock Conditioning & Feeding
The customer friendly features of the BioMax®100 system include:
  • Completely enclosed in weather resistant standard 20 foot shipping containers
  • Easily installed and can be relocated if necessary
  • 24x7 energy production, both electrical and thermal
  • Fully automated with remote attendant monitoring (iPad, iPhone, PC or similar devices)
  • Remote monitoring system provides notification of system status and when service is needed
  • Conversion of a variety of feedstock (wood and nut shells)
  • Compliance with Federal EPA and most local environmental requirements

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