BioMax® Benefits

The BioMax® system delivers on its promises.
The customer benefits include:
  • Cost savings (power, heat, cooling and waste reduction)
  • Energy independence & security
  • 24 x 7  energy production
  • Easy to install and easy to move
  • Environmentally friendly
Typical BioMax® User Benefits:
  • Converts onsite or nearby waste streams and/or residues to energy services (power, heat, cooling)
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels and the electric grid
  • Locked-in energy savings – eliminate utility and energy services price increases
  • Adapts to feedstock changes that may occur in the customer’s business
  • The BioMax® system applications can be added or removed to accommodate changing customer business equipment and practices
  • Reduced emissions and other environmental concerns enhancing a company’s image

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