Environmentally Friendly

BioMax® Systems Deliver Outstanding Environmental Performance

The only gaseous air emissions from a BioMax® system are those from the exhaust of the engine-generator. The BioMax® does not have a flue, chimney or “smoke stack” and it emits no objectionable particulates, odors or toxic effluents.

The air pollutants and particulate emissions from the exhaust of the spark ignited engine-generator of the BioMax® systems have been successfully tested by independent emissions testing firms and have met most local emissions standards, as well as the federal EPA limits per 40 CFR Part 60 JJJJ as amended June 28, 2011.  In fact, a BioMax® system has been permitted to operate in the Yolo-Solano Air Quality District of California, and is currently sited near Sacramento, California at Dixon Ridge Farms.

The BioMax® system requires no water for operation and produces no water discharge. The BioMax® system is operated to keep the temperature of the syngas above the water dew point (about 40°C), eliminating the condensation and collection of any by-product water.

The only by-product of the BioMax® Systems is char/ash, which has been certified as non-hazardous by local regulatory agencies.  Recent testing of the char/ash at Dixon Ridge Farms by University of California Davis has identified some unique properties in the char/ash that confirms it is a high quality fertilizer and has some unique benefits for the environment surrounding the farm. The farm has used this high quality fertilizer since 2008.

BioMax® Systems are relatively quiet.  The quiet operation is achieved by constructing BioMax® system modules in insulated ISO containers.

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