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The BioMax® System: A step toward energy independence for end-users.

Community Power Corporation (CPC) is a leading developer and supplier of small, modular bioenergy gasification systems. These state-of-the-art, fully automated modular bioenergy systems constructed in power blocks of 145 kWe net, offer an end-user new options for lowering its energy and waste disposal costs by converting a variety of on-site/nearby residues and waste streams to on-site clean & green power, heat and cooling.

The BioMax® Systems are a gasification energy system, not an incinerator.

CPC’s BioMax® Systems use an advanced and patented gasification technology to convert feedstocks such as wood chips, nut shells, stone fruit pits and similar agricultural residues into usable energy.  Other feedstock can be "engineered" from different waste streams or residues by briquetting or pelletizing the waste stream or residues into property sized and configured feedstock.

Typical BioMax® System End-Users.

Typical BioMax® users include: agriculture processors, commercial enterprises, government, military and civilian facilities such as small communities, schools, colleges, and research institutions.

Benefits for End-Users of the BioMax® Systems.
  • Lower energy & disposal costs by converting local waste streams to independent, on-site energy services (power, heat, and cooling).
  • Locked in long-term, lower energy costs that avoid escalating utility energy prices.
  • Flexible, easy to site, and easy to move systems with a baseload power block of 130 kWe that can be grouped into multi-kW and multi-MW systems.
  • End-user applications that can be added or removed, including combined heat and power (CHP) and cooling.
  • Diverse feedstock processing made possible by optional feedstock processing module designs.
  • Financial and operating risk mitigation through leases, energy purchase agreements, O&M and services contracts.
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Creates jobs and other benefits for the local economy.

Overview of the BioMax® Modular Bioenergy Gasification System.

The BioMax® system is a “green” alternative to conventional fossil fuel generators and thermal equipment and can free the end-user from dependence on high cost fossil fuels, such as diesel fuel, natural gas and propane. CPC’s modular BioMax® Systems are available in a standard baseload power blocks of 130 kWe, which can be banked together. BioMax® Systems require about 60 minutes per day of attendant labor, and about once a week the feedstock needs to be delivered and prepared (timing varies slightly depending on the feedstock being used).

BioMax® System start up, operation, monitoring, diagnosis and shut down can be done on-site or remotely over the Internet using smart phones, tablets, etc. All key operating  functions are continuously monitored and logged with three levels of alarms (sent via the Internet to a smart device or computer). Emergency or scheduled shut downs are automatic and do not require an on-site attendant. The rate of the feedstock feed and gasification is driven by the load demands of the enduser. The engine/generator follows the load of the  end-user and automatically shuts off when the demand is no longer economical to serve. BioMax® Systems can be configured for a mix of end-user applications including combined heat and power (CHP), gas production only (boilers and dryers), mechanical shaft power and cooling.

The below graphic illustrates the core processes of the BioMax® Systems.


Environmental Performance of BioMax® Systems.

The BioMax® Systems are “clean & green” modular bioenergy systems. The only air emissions are from the exhaust of the engine/generator. Independent emissions testing labs have confirmed that the BioMax® Systems meet current EPA standards, and systems have been permitted to operate in several air quality management districts in California.

The BioMax® Systems do not have a “smoke stack” and emit no objectionable particulates. The only solid byproducts of the BioMax® Systems are char and ash, which have been certified as non-hazardous by various local regulatory agencies. BioMax® Systems do not use water scrubbers and produce no smoke, smell, toxic effluents and only minimal noise.

  • Modular, Transportable (3-4, 20 ft ISO shipping containers)
  • Grid-Quality Electricity & Heat
  • Automated Downdraft Patented Gasifier
  • Converts Diverse Feedstocks Into Energy (wood, nut shells, stone fruit pits and more)
  • Automated/Unattended/Remote
  • Continuous 24x7 Baseload Operation
  • One, On-Call Attendant, Remote Operation
  • Clean & Green: Meets EPA Requirements
  • Non-Hazardous Solid Byproducts (char/ash)
  • No Particulates
  • No Water or Oil Scrubbers
  • Minimal Noise
  • Built and Tested In Factory
  • 130 kWe net Modules (up to multi-kW;multi-MW)
  • Electricity: 3.1 MWhe/24 hours
  • Heat: ~ 250,000 Btu/hour (CHP); option for additional heat
  • Converts 2 lbs/kWh (~3.3 dry tons/day)
  • Syngas: ~ H2-17%, CO-20%, CH4-2%, CO2-8%, N2
  • BioMax®100 System Foot Print: 30 ft. x 30 ft.
  • Complies With Utility Interconnection Requirements
  • ~ 80% Availability (30 days between scheduled maintenance)
  • Modules: Gas Production & Cooling, Gas Filtering, Power Generation & CHP, Feedstock Conditioning & Feeding - (not all modules are required for all applications)
Characteristics of an Ideal BioMax® System End-User Site:
  1. Located in a state/country with high power and heat energy prices;
  2. End-user produces an on-site gasifiable residue that has a disposal cost, or has a nearby low cost source of gasifiable residues;
  3. Both power and heat are needed; exceptional savings if the heat displaces high cost fossil fuels;
  4. End-user has an environmental compliance concern (ban on open burning, storage and/or disposal issues);
  5. Cost of byproduct disposal is high, or difficult to manage;
  6. End-user’s byproduct production is at least 3.3 dry tons/ day of gasifiable residue such as wood chips, nutshells, or other wastes;
  7. End-user’s energy requirements exceed baseload capability of the BioMax® System (>130 kWe and >250,000 Btu/hour);
  8. End-user values “clean & green” energy, energy independence and/or reduced carbon footprint;
  9. End-user has personnel for the daily and weekly activities (~ 60 minutes/day plus feedstock management);
  10. End-user has financial capacity for a BioMax® System purchase, lease or energy sales agreement (PPA), plus O&M, and/or service agreement;
  11. If End-user is not able to use all energy produced, then a utility interconnection must be economical and regulatory rates for sales to the utility must exist preferably with “green pricing”, net metering or similar.

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