What Does A BioMax® Cost?

Is The BioMax® Affordable For You?

Unlike many other renewable energy systems, the BioMax® system produces power, heat and cooling and reduces waste disposal costs making it easy to confirm your cost savings.

The requirements for owning a BioMax® system are typically fairly modest:

  • A desire to reduce operating costs
  • Power, heat and/or cooling needs 24 hours per day
  • Available space of 30’x30’
  • Available feedstock of about 3.3 dry tons per day
Is A BioMax® In Your Future?

To determine how the BioMax® system fits into your future, send us an email.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Power Corporation will help you analyze the savings you can capture and will provide you with the additional information needed for a purchase or lease decision.

Please have available or include in your email as much of the following information as practical, so your analysis can be completed quickly and accurately.

  • Current electric cost, peak power demand and kWh/day usage
  • Current natural gas, propane, fuel oil or similar cost and average monthly consumption
  • Type of equipment used to produce and distribute heat and required BTUs per hour
  • Type of cooling and refrigeration equipment used (building space cooling and/or walk-in box or refrigerated case applications)
  • Type and quantity of feedstock available
Consumer Characteristics That Increase BioMax® Affordability
  • High cost energy location
  • Low cost or onsite feedstock (gasifiable residues)
  • High waste disposal cost of onsite or nearby gasifiable residues
  • Ability to use all power and heat or cooling produced

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